Rail Car Thawing

Heatstar by Enerco manufactures equipment that efficiently thaws frozen coal in a railcar enabling a quick unloading process during harsh winter months.

Major utilities may bring in as many as 115 railcars per day, each carrying 100 tons of coal. During the winter months, moisture in the car can freeze, creating a strong bond between the coal and the railcar's inner walls. Unloading can be challenging and inefficient, with as much as 20% of the coal remaining stuck to the wall of each car.  The Heatstar railcar thawing system yields summer unloading rates, nearly 100%, year round.

Our on-site engineering and system consulting services can provide a custom thaw shed heating solution to help reduce waste, increase unloading speed and efficiency while reducing process cost.

Rail Car Thawing Rail Car Thawing Rail Car Thawing

Infrared energy heats and thaws rail cars and coal, not surrounding air even in windy conditions
Features low pressure system, approved gas train, safety lockout and welded manifold
Easy Maintenance
Individual burner or module replacement, accessible controls and replacement grids
Modular Design 
Simplifies installation and maintenance
Provided on-site at no charge
Service Support 
Parts and technical support readily available in-house
No moving parts
System design is easily adapted for new thaw shed installations or retrofit applications
Low Emissions 
NOx and CO levels well below acceptable standards




Indoor Rail Car Thawing SystemRail Car Thawing

Outdoor Rail Car Thawing SystemRail Car Thawing