Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision, Mission, and Values are the foundation for EGI’s unique culture and approach to conducting business. As a unified team working together, we use our mission, vision and values to inspire and guide us in our daily business activities to create the highest quality product for the best customer experience.


By investing in our employees, capital assets, and by optimizing our manufacturing efficiencies, we will become a Dominant, Profitable, Global supplier of World-Class Quality products to our customers.


To develop and market safe, innovative products, backed by Legendary Customer Care, that provides comfort where we Work, Live and Play.


FOCUS: Customer Driven
COMMUNICATION: Open, Honest and Caring
QUALITY: Practice Excellence In All We Do
TEAMWORK: Encourage Cooperation, Respect and Unity
ATTITUDE: Be Passionate, Positive, Embrace Change
LOYALTY: Committed To Our Customers, Employees and Suppliers
ETHICS: Always Do the Right Thing
ACCOUNTABILITY: Live Up to Our Commitments
QUALITY OF LIFE: Achieve Success At Home and At Work



Enerco Group Inc. is a provider of high quality, cost effective goods and services.

At Enerco Group Inc.:

Our Customers define the quality of our products and services:
Customer Satisfaction is our passion

We are committed to Excellence in every area of our business, both with our customers and with each other

We demonstrate Integrity by “doing what we say we will do”

Our Devotion to quality and Continuous Improvement assures the sustainability of our organization and its brands

Enerco Group Inc. is committed to maintaining processes and systems based on guidelines of ISO 9000:2000 and we encourage the creative participation of all employees.